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chronicles of starting an art bar / cafe in san francisco

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Jared of Rivera PR emailed me to pick my brain about vendor recommendations and general advice for eager new restauranteurs. I quickly reply back places to buy cheap places, designers to work with, etc.

2 hours later it hits me during bikram yoga that it’s really about The Hustle and The Game. Consultations from my guru Kitchenstink and late night jamo sessions with Tim Luym mixed with a hiphop soundtrack have made me see the industry in 2 distinct ways. As “The Hustle” (execution) and “The Game” (strategy). Like yin-yang, right and left, the constant push and pull of these polar ideas, and the balance of duality ultimately drive the restaurant industry.  These 6 books have influenced me greatly and have given me guiding principles that no MBA, certificate program, or bachelor degree ever will.

The Hustle:
Tips on efficiency, process, promotion, and legalities of partnerships gone bad.

By Roger Fields. Here lies secret Excel formulas.

Word of mouth is not bought, but is an epidemic. Malcom Gladwell coined the term "Stickiness."

When the shit hits the fan--have your ass covered.

The Game:
See the industry in more holistic and interconnected way.

Mastermind behindf NYC's Shake Shake, Blue Smoke, The Modern, Tabla, Gramacy Park

Founder/CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality - California's largest boutique hotel breaks down the Game.

Go beyond the brand and create a community thru the theory of 3rd Spaces.


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