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I intended to commit the cliché of posting an update on Friday the 13th. Well, we all know what happens when the clock strikes five on a Friday afternoon. And thus this post comes to you nearly a week later.

We had an official orientation to welcome the Summit staff, after sending them off to the East Bay for a week of Blue Bottle boot camp and later immersing them in a day of Red Blossom tea training. You read that right; we’re featuring Red Blossom tea on our menu. I’ll spill more details on our specialty drinks during the next few weeks.

Front of the House manager, Marco Jastillana, got serious summarizing the communal goals of the café and the standards our staff are expected to meet. He also unveiled the signature blue scarves Summit crew members will sport while on-site.

(L) Marco gets down to business (R) say Hello. the selection process was tough, but two rounds of interviews later, we’ve got a complete team of Summiteers

I witnessed some surprised expressions. We even got questions from the skeptics. I’m going to assume that the folks who remained quiet were stifling their enthusiasm to avoid any ostracism that resulted from their proclamations of love for the versatile piece of flair. It’s a handkerchief. What can’t you do with it?

keeping it simple with grey and blue. i hate to toot our own horns, but you'll soon welcome some of the best-looking cafe staff in the City

I’m probably the only person who gets this involved discussing the possibilities that come with coordinating grey tops and blue handkerchiefs.

Most everyone else has turned their focus to our café front. The interior has undergone a major face-lift, clad in a few fresh coats of paint and an almost finished coffee bar.

evolution of the Summit cafe front

Our window front recently got dressed up with smartly designed posters displaying our brand identity.

window shopping in the mission? stop by to check out the new eye candy, designed by Freddy Anzures

Beyond our store front, it looks like our posters are making their way to the streets. Don’t be surprised if while grabbing your daily dose of the Guardian, that you also catch a glimpse of those four familiar peaks.

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