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while flipping thru the previews of “Restaurant Success by the Numbers: A Money-Guy’s Guide to Opening the Next Hot Spot,”  i ran into the idea of the 3 triple bottom line. 3bl or tbl expands on the idea that it’s not just about profits, it’s also about people and the plant. in planning for the summit, i’ve always had the profits and my people and the people i want to reach-out to in mind, but rarely the planet. maybe it’s because it’s some subconcious backlash to living in sf, or because my roommate is the trash / compost nazi

check the guidelines b4 you chuck 😦

–but often times i think green = going out of my way + spend more money.

then while scanning thru the book preview i learned how the author teamed up with bay localize to install a rooftop garden on his restaurant’s roof to grow veggies and insulate his building to reduce costs. greed green is good. i wanted to do this back in the poleng days, but alas i got poleng’d. i hope this time around i’ll have the bandwidth and determination to see it thru.


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