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chronicles of starting an art bar / cafe in san francisco

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this blog will be of little words. i will let the unspoken language of design speak for itself.

i plan on crashing here once a day

i bow down to mid-century design. i just wish there were 2 of them.


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while the press searches for clues on the identity of our masked crusader, the interior design is ready to be revealed. below is an ariel view of the space defining the different usage zones. you’ll notice that the lounge, has moved towards the front to accommodate semi-private presentations for the start-ups we share the space with.

looking down on top of the summit


if he were steve jobs, this place would be packed. so use your imagination to see an eager audience listening to him making an exciting presentation


the long communal tables are designed to separate and re-combine in a multitude of combinations to make the space modular. in the example below the re-congfigured table can act as a display space for a bunch of computer terminals, iPhone, or iPad apps that will surely launch from our the summit.

gather around, i got an app for that!


taking a bite from the apple store


it’s not all business at the summit. every month the space will transform into an art gallery. the first show, thenightlifeistherightlife: the art of promotional flyers and posters. this would be a perfect tie-in with poleng’s nightlife base.

where's the art? wait we are the art?! genius...


 while the party is in the back, here’s the view from the front window. we’ll have a high-top live edge tables for singles and deuces. note the magazine rack. this was one of my favorite features from atlas cafe. it’s probably a bad idea from a business stand point (turn times), but we’ll worry about that when we cross that road.

looking into the space from valencia st.


walk a bit further and you’ll notice we also got a recessed patio we’re sharing with our fellow start-ups. no tables in this area because we don’t want to clutter the main entrance into I/O ventures.

no need to step outside to have a smoke. sit on one of these reclaimed wood blocks that will glow at night.


so there you have it. as you can see, there’s no way this space is 777 valencia, but right across the street.


the past few days have shown rapid development of the brand identity and the design of the bar. below are new mood boards exploring typefaces. the inspiration is leaning towards olympic design aesthetics. in particular is the design work of otl aicher for the 72 olympics in munich.

my favorite of fonts choosen is the bauhaus font highlighted in blue. it’s got clean lines and beautiful curves in the U and M letter forms that complement the space nicely, yet with an air of modernity to it (imagine me swirling a glass of wine while i say that).

on the interior design front, brent has redesigned the coffee counter of the bar to be a swooping curve. in the previous mock-up, the coffee counter / order stand was a hard diagonal line. this version is much better because the bags of coffee and tea are now centered with pastry displays on either-end. the 3 guys in the back simulate 2 cashiers and a barista setting when there’s high demand for coffee.

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yesterday, i blasted on Facebook that Poleng was re-opening in Dec. sadly that’s not the case. but if you can’t laugh about it, then you haven’t gotten over it–right? life moves-on so I wanted to share with you some 3D mock-ups of the space that were generated this week by brent-ski.

arial perspective of the space. notice the coffee counter is diagonal--im expecting a long que...


in the snapshot above, you can see how brent has placed a lounge zone towards the end (right) of the space. he felt that this might be a dead zone since it’s so far back. he also placed a communal table between the bar and the main seating area to “compress” the crowd and make an airy space more vibrant. unfortunately, that makes the space less modular for art shows and product launches so that probably won’t go foward.

queuing up for coffee & tea


in the example above, you get a better feel of the order counter. notice that there are 2 areas to place an order and a glass display to entice you to order pastries. the tiered areas are for bags of coffee and tea for home consumption. the glass containers at the top tier are for showcasing the loose leaf so you can see and smell the leaves before buying! the black board on the wall will be the menu.

Could this be a super long communal table?

instead of a series of 2-top tables or even a bunch of picnic style communal tables, brent is selling me on the idea of a really long table made of a cross section of a 18ft long walnut tree trunk pictured above. the trunk would be cut in smaller sections to allow people the walk btwn. im intrigued with the idea, but hesitant because i can’t see it being modular. modular is the key word for an ever changing space like the summit. let’s see what brent comes-up with in the next few weeks… lot’s of details still need to be worked out, but it’s all a work in progress to reach the summit.

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