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the tangled web of contracts leading up to the summit


i’ve been mired in legal mumbo jumbo for the past week looking over contracts making revisions, emailing my lawyer, revising spreadsheets–basically doing all the unglamorous tasks that go into making a project of this complexity happen. i spend hours mulling over the meaning of California Civil Codes that read like high school shakespearian english. but it must be done. american business is about the letter of the law and the potential minefield of contractual clauses that can make you stumble and sputter along the way.

for example, if you apply for health permits and decide to change equipment specs before closing out the permit–then its time to resubmit the permits!

the state budget crisis doesn’t help either. government regulatory agencies are closing local offices statewide. the end result–i spent a day in sacramento filing paperwork. i could’ve just mailed, but with the current state of government i’m looking at 20+ day turnaround!

but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. tomorrow, i get my first tasting of the potential menu!


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