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ive been silent for awhile.

blogging about legal and numbers is just not sexy (and highly confidential). but lately, i found myself exercising another skill set of mine. art and design.

i found my way to the bay area during the boom as a graphic designer. it was my calling at the time and helped sustain me while being a “nitelife curator” just wasn’t paying the bills. being caught-up in the resto game has left me little time to exercise the right half of my brain, until now.

the book, “how to run and start a commercial gallery”  has got me thinking deeply about what kind of gallery the summit is gonna be. i know it’s a hybrid model converging food and art, kinda of like what i created with poleng intrms of food and music. i sometimes describe the summit as “111 minna meets tartine bakery.” thoughts on the space have also lead me to spend more time on the development of the logo. below is a styling mood board i’ve asked my designers to focus their work on:

directions in design

so far, progress has been slow with my rag-tag team of designers. when you’re getting design as a homie hook-up, expect homie time. so to help jump start the process in the right direction, i’ve created some logos i’d like to share with you.

the wonders of rotate and repeat in illustrator

as you can see, i’m obsessed with spirograph and i can’t quite execute a design that involves negative space and double meaning. i can’t wait to see what the others churn out… if you wanna submit something, hit me up!

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