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when i started poleng i had no idea what was involved in restaurant marketing. do you buy ads? give out coupons? how do you get reviews? luckily i had friends that were in the know and got poleng in the chronicle’s “what’s new column” to take a look and then i was referred to rivera pr

the rivera brothers are a great bunch of guys. young, hip, and in the know–but best of all they look out for you. the first thing they taught me was that the internet is a big echo chamber. when one media outlet says something about you, everybody follows suit. for example, the guardian wrote that poleng was a hiphop tearoom. then the next thing you know bauer writes that poleng is referred to as a hiphop tearoom!

so as i write and post, i gotta be conscious of who’s reading because 24 hours after i announced this blog i got 2 calls from the chronicle, one from the sfweekly, an email from urban daddy, and a call from the rivera pr. you gotta love web 2.0! you can by pass traditional media and get your message out directly, build a community virtually, and build a buzz that echoes past the confines of cyber space…


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