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chronicles of starting an art bar / cafe in san francisco

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the sfweekly and hoodscope have wondered, “is the summit… poleng 2.0? will it carry on it’s tradition of nitelife and filipino food?”

if there were to be a poleng 2.0 it would be here:

the nxt poleng should be at the fort bonifacio, manila, philippines


in the p.i. i would take the concept further and add a small boutique hotel and luxurious day-spa like this one here:

r & d time for the nxt poleng


i got inspired 2 years ago in guatemala. i was alone, traveling, and getting lost like i always do and 1 week into my trip i stayed at la lancha, george lucas family lodge:

wow… im completely going on a tangent! but it’s all a true story. so ya basically, the summit is not poleng 2.0. it’s something completely new!

poleng was the natural extension of my lifestyle 5 years ago. i was a night-life entrepreneur. i threw parties to finance trips around the world (and pay rent), i woke-up odd hours, and i handled my freelance web 1.0 gigs at night. as my 20’s drew to a close, i knew i had to change and capitalize on this momentum.

fast forward 5 years later. i’m in my mid-30’s and my interest in food has surpassed my desire to stake a claim in the night life. i still believe that mass gatherings can spark creativity, but over the years i’ve learned that you can ignite that flame with food, good company, tea, art, and most recently the perks of coffee

the summit is a completely new concept. stay tuned and i’ll reveal more as i go along.


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