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I learned about The Summit after returning home to the Bay with plans to attend culinary school (and, of course, without an ounce of experience in the food business). A few conversations later with culinary school graduates, I started to question whether I was ready to consummate my relationship with cooking and agree to this long-term commitment—a fairly costly one, too. Where in the culinary world did I fit? Was I getting hot and bothered about the idea because I was that average Jane who strapped herself to the Food Network channel and had wet dreams about creating dishes that earned visits from Anthony Bourdain?

Timing is everything. After I failed to answer all of the above questions, I was introduced to Desi and Eddie, two guys who worked in the restaurant industry for years and came together so that before this summer’s end, the City will find out that a well-designed space complemented with a menu boasting rich flavors can frenzy a palate into ecstasy.

My first meeting with Eddie involved a trip to the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in preparation for a few upcoming tastings. I joined him in the kitchen as he prepared dishes that are likely appearing on the menu.

pulled pork + wild greens + fresh loaf = heaven

I felt like a pretty lucky intern; the tasting included a medley of roasted baby potatoes and wild mushrooms in vadouvan, followed by a pulled pork sandwich with wild greens.

call me crazy, but the butter bolete might be my all-time favorite mushroom

it would be an injustice if this dish didn't make a cameo

I’ve had a chance to witness a side of cafe-opening I never imagined. As the launch nears, there’s new meaning to the term crunch time; there are still plenty of contracts to sign, applications to submit and permits to request. That’s just one layer to the complexities of the project. To simply say the process requires hard work is an understatement. And now I find myself  hot and bothered about the collaboration and chaos that goes into a highly anticipated kick-off.

— Miss U


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