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yesterday, i blasted on Facebook that Poleng was re-opening in Dec. sadly that’s not the case. but if you can’t laugh about it, then you haven’t gotten over it–right? life moves-on so I wanted to share with you some 3D mock-ups of the space that were generated this week by brent-ski.

arial perspective of the space. notice the coffee counter is diagonal--im expecting a long que...


in the snapshot above, you can see how brent has placed a lounge zone towards the end (right) of the space. he felt that this might be a dead zone since it’s so far back. he also placed a communal table between the bar and the main seating area to “compress” the crowd and make an airy space more vibrant. unfortunately, that makes the space less modular for art shows and product launches so that probably won’t go foward.

queuing up for coffee & tea


in the example above, you get a better feel of the order counter. notice that there are 2 areas to place an order and a glass display to entice you to order pastries. the tiered areas are for bags of coffee and tea for home consumption. the glass containers at the top tier are for showcasing the loose leaf so you can see and smell the leaves before buying! the black board on the wall will be the menu.

Could this be a super long communal table?

instead of a series of 2-top tables or even a bunch of picnic style communal tables, brent is selling me on the idea of a really long table made of a cross section of a 18ft long walnut tree trunk pictured above. the trunk would be cut in smaller sections to allow people the walk btwn. im intrigued with the idea, but hesitant because i can’t see it being modular. modular is the key word for an ever changing space like the summit. let’s see what brent comes-up with in the next few weeks… lot’s of details still need to be worked out, but it’s all a work in progress to reach the summit.


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