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The Summit's Blog

chronicles of starting an art bar / cafe in san francisco

from b-day to business opening and back. the summit is finally open!


1 year ago i got a call from my buddy Steve Jang about a space in the mission i needed to see. in a span of less than 48hrs i found myself staring at a beautiful off market space for a restaurant and then staring at my laptop for 14hrs straight to get a proposal submitted to i/o ventures.

those that know me well know that my b-day is a sacred holiday filled with debauchery, drunken shenanigans, and seances that leave little time for work. so the prospect of having to write a business plan for a space unbuilt is kinda of a stretch, but there was something about this opportunity that made me take a step back on focus on the future.

making it to my 35th is a sign of victory

my future restaurant circa 9/27/09 was then called “casa poleng.” a full service restaurant that was an iteration of the poleng concept revolving around the culinary fusion of the spanish and portuguese in asia.

spanish + portuguese food = filipino food?

nix that. i/o ventures turns me down.

but it was meant to be. any business plan written on my b-day has to be.

3 months later, i/o was still open for proposals and a scaled down version of the “casa poleng” concept was finally accepted. then poleng collapsed on 1/23/10 leaving casa poleng in jeopardy.

after some soul searching and a suggestion from Marcozy about reviving a long forgotten party i produced years ago the summit is born again.

back track 8 years ago

i’m knee-deep in the hiphop scene, but my taste in music and scenes is boundless. a late-night 420 session along with and close encounters of the 3rd kind blows my mind. the idea of communicating thru basic tones and flashes inspires me to create an event that blends the world of hiphop, hose, d&b, 2-step, dancehall, and beyond called the summit.

the true origins of the summit

fast forward to 9/27/10

1 year +1 day = my 35th birthday + the birth of the summit. we’re open for business on thursday, 9/30/10.

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