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chronicles of starting an art bar / cafe in san francisco

I’m ashamed to admit this, but about two weeks ago I was on a mission to find out What the hell is Blue Bottle coffee? I was embarrassed, because people talk about it as if Gandhi were the barista behind every cup. And as we know, The Summit’s menu will exclusively feature Blue Bottle coffee.

Every time Blue and Bottle are uttered together, the loyalist fans fight to have the last word about how much they love this stuff. Initially, I secretly poked fun at this Blue Bottle following. Two weeks post-first sip, and, yes, now I find myself on the Blue Bottle bandwagon.

it’s okay. you can laugh at me about my love for Blue Bottle coffee

Blue Bottle receives recognition for starting with single-origin beans from artisanal producers who sustainably grow and harvest to enhance flavor. The beans are then roasted in small batches and brewed on a drip bar. The Summit will prepare its Blue Bottle coffee in the same manner.

I‘m not a coffee connoisseur, so I’m bashful about ordering lattes and cappuccinos. I’m a drip coffee kinda’ girl, preferably black and absent of cream and sugar. Really, that’s all you need, because every Blue Bottle blend produces a drink rich in aroma, full in flavor, and absent of any bitterness.

There is much pleasure in knowing that soon enough I’ll be able to order a cup of Blue Bottle coffee from the Mission’s own Summit location. For now, I usually pick up a cup from the Blue Bottle venue located at Mint Plaza.  I like to admire the $20,000 piece of equipment that sits towards the back of the cafe:

this bad boy, imported from Japan, is the only halogen-powered model in the US

a scientist at heart, i sometimes feel inclined to don a lab coat and safety goggles and work this equipment

With a crash course of Blue Bottle 101 under my belt, I now find myself scratching my head over our next project, as Eddie and I work on putting a custom-built drip bar together. Once The Summit doors are open, please fight the urge to punch me if I happen to cut to the front of the line in an effort to grab the first cup of Blue Bottle coffee.

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