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The Summit's Blog

chronicles of starting an art bar / cafe in san francisco

life, post-poleng lasted only 30 days. about a week ago i finalized the lease terms with I/O Ventures for my new labor of love–the summit: art bar / cafe. the summit is located on 19th and valencia in the mish and was originally slated to be the 2nd poleng lounge–with a twist. it was gonna be a variation of poleng called casa poleng.

but alas, poleng is no more and this blog is not a tell all story of the rise and fall of my beloved restaurant / nightclub. it was a roller coaster ride filled with tales of betrayal and deception, sexual escapades, 15 minutes of fame on TFC, and moments that should’ve been captured on tape because 30 years from now no one will ever believe what i experienced.

post poleng depression


i’m on to a new chapter in my life and i wanna share it with you. if history repeats itself, i’m certain that the summit will have it’s fair share of stories… but i also want to take this opportunity to shed some light on what it takes to envision a business and see it thru it’s inception.


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